No Win No Fee Debt Recovery

ServicesHellix Limited has evolved into a leading player in the fiercely competitive Debt Recovery and  Trace market place, working in many sectors of the financial service industry including Payday Finance, Law, Insurance, Property, Health, Leisure, Construction, Engineering, to name but a few.
We have built our reputation on quality and performance and to date have never been beaten in a Champion Challenge against any other competitor. Our clients vary in size from sole traders to large market leaders and national organisations. We are small enough to care but big enough to cope with the demands of the industry. We also have a large client database that had need of our services for those one off issues which need to be resolved quickly and effectively.

We do not request any upfront fees and there is no need for any subscription or registration charges, which you may have already come across when looking for an agency that suits your needs, you only instruct us when you need our services and we act on all Collection and trace instruction on a No Win No Fee basis, we only charge a commissions when we have recovered or secured a debt for you.

Our fully trained Account Managers will advise you on the quickest and most cost effective way forward. It is widely accepted in the industry that the cause of debt falls into two categories, those who cannot pay and those who will not pay. When working out the most appropriate solutions we look at the type of debt, the time outstanding and action taken so far, and whether you wish to maintain a business relationship with your debtor. Each debt is considered upon its own merits and our letters, telephone communication and negotiation will reflect these considerations and that of the instruction of the client.

We do not make promises we are unable to keep and we do not pressure sell any of our services. In 2011 we saw 92% of our business being repeat business or by recommendation. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss further ways we could help you and your business, please call us for an informal chat or e-mail us with a suitable time we could call.

Debt Purchase

Increasingly clients are looking to sell tranches of debt to make a return on accounts that have completed the full recovery cycle without a payment being made. We may consider purchasing your debt from you. The advantage is an immediate cash flow injection for your business, simply by converting accounts that you are most likely unable to collect. Hellix Limited understands the reputational risk to a debt seller and ensures our clients do not suffer negative brand impact as a result of our actions. We are potentially looking to purchase large amounts of debt in virtually every market sector.


ServicesWe offer the most cost effective tracing in today’s market – Trace from only £20.  Should you find that your debtor or subject has moved or for any reason no contact can be made, then our extremely experienced team of tracing experts can assist in finding them. We use the latest software, databases and business partners as well as our reliable local sources to trace them anywhere in the UK and mainland Europe. We are able to take your case on a No Trace No Fee basis, which we can be paired with are No Win No Fee Debt Recovery Service ensuring that upon locating an absconded debtor, action may be taken quickly and effectively to ensure recovery of your debt. From our experience the majority of debtors usually have a list of creditors in pursuit, so a positive and early locate may be the key to being paid before the competition.

Landlord Package

ServicesExperienced Landlords know the importance of checks that need to be carried out on a potential tenant before letting your property investment. This may be the most important task you undertake when letting. We at Hellix understand the importance of providing every landlord with a service that exceeds expectations and maximises returns. To achieve our aims we offer a flexible service that you can tailor to meet your needs. Pick from any one of our services we offer to give peace of mind when letting your properties or from the services we offer for problems that may occur after your let, or the tenant leaves.

  • Comprehensive Check with References – Residential tenant or Guarantor
  • Basic Check – Residential/Business tenant or their or Guarantor
  • Company Check - Business (Commercial) Tenant or Guarantor
  • Directorship check - Business(Commercial) Tenant or Guarantor
  • Tenant Tracing - Trace tenants that have left without a forwarding address
  • Debt Collecting –Rent arrears, Services charges & General debts, repairs

We can also give advice and provide services for problems such as:

  • Tenant owes rent and is still remains in the property
  • Commercial tenant problem
  • Tenant owes rent but has done a runner
  • Tenant doesn't owe rent, but you want the property back
  • Evictions
  • Court action and Enforcement

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss further ways we could help you and your business, please call us for an informal chat or e-mail us with a suitable time we could call.

Status Enquiries & Credit Reports

ServicesWe supply extensive reports covering all financial and credit information. This is available on all UK companies, individuals and directors If you are unsure as to the viability of pursuing your debtor, or perhaps you have concerns regarding someone you are about to do business with, our reports enable clients to make informed choices. Depending on the type of case, amount at stake and number of parties involved, our reports can include but is not an exhausted list :-

  • Bankruptcy searches
  • Companies House searches including historical directorships
  • Land Registry
  • Credit Checks
  • Winding up searches
  • Property and asset searches
  • Register of County Court Judgments
  • Address searches
  • Lifestyle searches
  • If there are multiple parties to litigation, we will instruct on who is most financially sound.

Keep in mind that this service again can be paired with our No Win No Fee Debt Recovery Service providing vital information to affect the most equitable debt recovery strategy.


ServicesWe have many years’ experience of processing accounts both through the English and Scottish legal systems, and find this a very useful tool in enhancing collections performance. Part of the services we offer is a full range of English and Scottish litigation, recovery and enforcement services as part of our overall collections process. Each case referred to our retained solicitor will contain full details of all debt recovery activity and communication, accompanying our recommendations, as well as any Pre-Sue reports you have requested us to undertake.

Process Serving

ServicesOur process servers offer a highly professional and swift service throughout the UK and Europe, and are available to effect service of legal and personal documents at a minutes notice, either collecting the documents from your office or the courts and effect immediate service. All our process servers are fully compliant with the latest CPR legislation introduced in 2010.
Our livelihoods depend on our clients being happy with our services; therefore, our clients are our number one priority!
Listed below are some of the documents served by our process servers:

  • Statutory Demands                                                          
  • Family Papers         
  • Winding Up Petitions,
  • Court Orders, 
  • Divorce Papers,
  • Statutory Notices, Landlord and Tenant
  • Bankruptcy Petitions,
  • Injunctions